It’s time to say goodbye to imperfections

Abusing too often fast food, stress, puberty, tobacco, some cosmetics, and especially the days before the beginning of the period, cause impurities and pimples to appear that can give more than one headache.

Lookdoré IB+MATT corrects and prevents the appearance of facial impurities and imperfections, maintaining the balance of the cutaneous microbiota and diminishing inflammations. The microalgae active agents rejuvenate the skin and keep it healthy. Formulated using smart active agents which penetrate the different layers of the skin to regulate and selectively balance sebum levels, providing the moisture and anti-ageing care your skin needs.

With Microalgae, Fallipia Japonica Extract, Wild Rose Hips and Niacinamide.

Dermopurifies and corrects facial imperfections

Mattifies the skin and attenuating pores

Maintains the balance of bacterial flora

Preserves the microbiota for healthy skin


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