An Injection Of Vitality & Luminosity

Sleeping is one of the cheapest and most effective methods to having luminous skin, but often happens is that our frenetic life-style doesn’t allow us to rest.

IB+Energy is based on a concentration of optimal energy at a cellular level to combat the signs of fatigue reflected in the face, including dull skin, bags under the eyes, puffiness and wrinkles. This revolutionary high-performance technology uses the active agents from plant based taurine extracted from Jania Rubens, a red algae capable of eternally regenerating itself. IB+Energy uses ATP-boosting (cell energy) technology to stimulate cells, increasing ATP cell formation by up to 50% for radiant and vital skin with an even tone.

With Plant-based Taurine, Extract of Kakadu plum, Extract of White Mulberry, Phytic Acid, pure Vitamin C and Niacinamide.

Gives the face a fresh appearance

Acts against the oxidative stress in skin cells

Corrects the signs of fatigue

Prevents and corrects the signs of ageing


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