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We are a Spanish cosmetic brand with #InstantBeauty products that do not follow the typical classification.

In our youth we experience changes and challenges that make us learn and improve to find out who we are and what makes us happy. Exactly the same thing happens with our skin. The typical classification or routines that label us on dry, oily or normal skin, does not work. Our skin changes and can be affected by many factors and circumstances of our day to day, so the same person may need different treatments at different times.



The Lookdoré ranges only select formulas with truly efficacious active ingredients, which protect and repair the skin’s structure to maintain its youth and natural balance.



Lookdoré uses smart cosmetics, a system that channels the process to respond to the different skin needs, offering an instant effect and results that are maintained in the long term. Facial care for the new #BeautyGeneration: Moisturizers, oily skin solutions, energizers, detoxifying product, eye bags and dark circles, pores and blemishes.

Real People

From this concept, Lookdore is born, a brand for real people that knows, listens, and directly targets this new #BeautyGeneration and their needs. Products that have the mission of accompanying our consumers in their day to day real situations, ranging from fighting dehydration (hangover perhaps?) and pimples from having pizza or due to menstruation, to smoothing dark circles from not having slept enough the night before.


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The creation process begins at our research and development center in Barcelona, ​​always trying to find the latest trends in cosmetics and thanks to the luxury of being in daily contact with our consumers

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We only work with ingredients that are undoubtedly safe and healthy for your skin. Technological innovation and R&D of active ingredients are crucial for our developments and allow us to create new products with higher added value. We can say that the production process of our cosmetics is carried out in our own facilities following a rigorous quality procedure

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We love animals. Framed within the European Union, Lookdoré complies scrupulously with the regulation put in place as of March 11, 2013, which prohibits animal testing or the introduction on the market of cosmetic products that contain ingredients or combinations of ingredients that have undergone animal testing.


The #Instant and two-in-one, Spanish brand, that you will want in your toiletry bag”


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