Soothes, Protecs And Repairs

Sensitive skin is characterized by having a stinging or burning sensation, itching, redness, inflammation and/or discomfort.

IB+Sensitive technology acts on the main types and causes of sensitive skin: repairs the cutaneous barrier, strengthening reactive and sensitive skin; diminishes the immune and inflammatory responses; and prevents the irritation of the skin caused by environmental factors. Based on the active agents obtained from the natural molecules found in the bark of the magnolia tree – symbol of magnificence, beauty and youth – IB+Sensitive contributes to improving the signs of stress and inflammation in the skin.

With Natural Molecules from Magnolia Bark, Everlasting Extract, 4-T-Butylcyclohexanol Molecule

Repairs the cutaneous barrier & moisturizes

Soothes the skin instantly and in the long-term

Reduces discomfort, redness and soreness in the skin.

Strengthens reactive and sensitive skin


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