The facial skin care brand created by Magasalfa for people like you, a new generation that looks for instant results without embellishments.

The typical classification is no longer enough


In youth we experience changes and challenges that make us learn and improve ourselves to find who we are and what makes us happy. With our skin happens exactly the same, not only serves the typical classification, or routines that we label you in dry, oily or normal skin, does not work anymore. Our skin changes or and can be affected by many different factors and circumstances of our day to day, so the same person may need different treatments at different times.

Real People


Lookdoré is born from this concept, a brand for real people who knows, listens, and talks directly to this new #BeautyGeneration and their needs. Products that have as mission to accompany you in those moments and real situations, that go from fighting the de-hydration (perhaps hangover?), Pimples because of that pizza, to diminish the dark circles from not having slept enough the night before.

Worry about what really matters


Lookdoré invites you to discover cosmetics from another perspective and to learn a new effective, easy, fast and affordable ritual of beauty for everyone, which results in a beautiful and healthy appearance so that you can only worry about what really matters.